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GDI-3A Kodiak

Of moving, the possibility in order there to be, a nose D evil silver wing the good version car to be planned it sees a paper operation plan whose some degree of difficulty is high it is.

1) It receives a data first and file it receives file it sets a data in the collar printer of oneself and rightly in the collar printer of oneself. And it outputs at A4 size.

Reference) it is composed of nose D evil silver A4 2 chapter.
1) gray portion in the location which will attach the anger flesh ticket datum point
2) the force which is powerful is the possibility of attaching enough with ---- adhesives where the plan which is not the portion which attaches is many

2) It follows the line with the scissors and to cut.  

If if to this time nose D malice plan it attaches and this enemy the place reason in the plan attaches because the small attachment is many and until it expresses, it was strenuous and also the constructional drawing of the features it will can disregard knows became the more or less too much for plan.

It makes but and in small quantity if it goes and it will be able to complete it is thought.

3)B-1 it assembles the attachment of number..

4)B-3 it piles up the adhesion line which is on up of attachment of time and to attach.
To attach a lower part and a above in afterwords. From it attaches like this and the adhesives dries and to trim the place which above and lower part crosses each other with the scissors with the scissors.

B-2 Eastern Europe which it rakes up from attachment of time ttwul U it gives with the auger in America and to middle of the elliptical unit of the side the knife inside picking up, U it gives.

 5) In knife house portion of time B-3 It pastes in the adhesives and to insert

The B-4 anti- with it folds attachment and it attaches and the adhesives dries and thinly with the antenna shape and like the photograph of the right end with the scissors it cuts it inserts it attaches in B-2 time and.

 6) The B-1 it attaches the assembly of B-2,3,4 time in time.

7) Afterwords the place attitude which is scissors quality one features to the D-1 see and to be how do a scissors quality, there is a possibility of knowing.

8)The D-1 to attach the attachment of D-4 time in time and to assemble D-3,2 time in the corresponding location in order to attach.

9) The MAX7 3D as the paper cuts the plan which is recorded and it winds to be cold in the hole of the D-1 roundly and Maj it tries. Becomes the thought and that the political party it hits, it pulls out and to paste not yet from U adhesion. And it dries completely and to insert like the picture of the right again it lets.

10)With afterwords the paper support righteousness end line with the scissors it folds the groove together inside inside U.

 11)The A-5 it turns over the attachment of time above the mouse pad and it raises and it puts and and to be pushed in the pan end which tries to be light.

12) The A-3,4 attachment of time and it assembles C-10,11 time

13) The A-3,4 attachment of time and also C-8,9 time assembles with C-10,11 time together.

14) The C-1,2,3 meal li it combines and C-4,5,6 attachment wild meal li it combines. The C-11,12 to attach the leg which combines time in C-1,4 time. The C-8,9 it attaches the assembly of time in C-1,4 time.

 15)To attach the C-7 in C-1,4 time.

16) If the square which rakes up A-7e time it attaches and to cut into strips the thin line with the scissors. It is strenuous and it disposes the vice- room it does with the something else and. (The degree of difficulty is high sorry.... - -; )

17)It prepares the A-8 and the A-10 cuts into strips and in advance does not let to cut into strips instead of after letting to roll up roundly at the unit and, it attaches.

18) The A-11 time anti- with attaches with quite small attachment and afterwords difficulty must trim the shape with the scissors.

19 With afterwords to attach together.

20) The D-1 with the photograph of the right it combines the portion of the trunk and the A-1 pilot's seat together and it adheres.

21) With afterwords it inserts the D-5 together and it adheres.

 22) C-1,4 the adhesives it lets to put in small quantity in hole inside.

 23) The C-1,4 it inserts an attachment in the D-1 trunk and it attaches.

  24) It attaches the B-1 in the D-1 trunk.

  25) With afterwords it attaches the B-5,6 together to B-1 rear section.

 26)It sees a balance whole. In order for and the wing to dry completely, 15 minute degree nwa it puts.

The paper model which it tries to make at second " Nose D evil " This it was born. With nose D evil silver in order for hand weaving taking off the wing to operate because of description below, everybody's nose D evil degree which plans but the bedspread which move well? .... Because of this the topography wess your bedspread... must raise the raw chestnut inside today... u Oh... - -; It becomes sleepy,

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